The Latin Experience

Miami, the city by the sea, is known for it’s lovely beaches, warm climate and hot rhythms.  The city, filled with international flavor and allure, Miami has become a melting pot of nationalities from Latin American countries.  

Specialty Acts

Hot Hot Hot Interactive Entertainment

Tonight, your guests will be treated to a kaleidoscope of music, specialty acts, color, and "streetmosphere" in a festival of Latin style entertainment. The ballroom will be filled with world-class street entertainment as described below.  Get ready for an explosive evening that will surely be Hot Hot Hot!


The following are descriptions of the festive entertainment offered:

Hand-Rolled Cuban Cigars

There’s nothing like an authentic hand-rolled cigar.  Our expert cigar rollers will roll your guests fresh, hand-rolled cigars for a primo smoking experience.


Our beautiful Cigar Attendant will dazzle your guests with her beauty as she mingles and passes out fresh cigars with class.

Cigar Hostess

Our beautiful Cigar Attendant will dazzle your guests with her beauty as she mingles and passes out fresh cigars with class

Productive Produce

Add some zest to your buffet table with as our Watermelon and Pineapple Heads crack on your guests.  Our hilarious improvisational actors weren’t taught table manners and will use their quick wit to bring tears of laughter to everyone who walks by.  A truly unique entertainment idea that will be talked about for years to come.

Tattoo Artist

We don't use the term "Tattoo Artist" lightly.  This talented team of artists will provide beautiful templates of your company logo or anything else you desire to be airbrushed onto your arm, leg, or…wherever!  Don't worry about showing up at your meeting the next day with a scorpion on your neck, as they wash off with soap and water.

Caricature Artists

These guys and gals are good.  Direct from Orlando theme parks, people from across the world have enjoyed oversized pictures of themselves, drawn by these amazing talents.

Stilt Walkers

The one act everyone will look up to!  Our well-balanced Stilt Walkers will keep the party going, as they mingle, take photos, make balloon animals, and dance the night away with your guests.  These athletic entertainers have made hundreds of corporate appearances, and can be seen at Universal Studios Mardi Gras celebrations each year.


This amazing Bird Handler has more birds than the can HANDLE!  These feathered friends are people friendly and will hang all over your guests! 

Conga Interactive Station

A master at the conga drums, Orlando Sanchez will demonstrate the musical art of Conga drumming. Your guests will listen and learn how the conga drums speaks a rhythmic language all its own. Orlando will demonstrate rhythms from all across Cuba and Latin America.  You might find yourself drumming out a Latin rhythm while those around you dance to the hot beat of the Latin culture.

Latin Living Table

Our beautiful Latin Living Table is the perfect set piece for your event.  Carmen Miranda  dresses are draped over a table on wheels making the perfect set piece to serve beverages, name badges, etc.


The Samba is one of the classic rhythms of Brazil,  infused with percussion and in a modern crossover fusion between the traditional and the modern , this Samba production is a non stop energetic dance featuring amazing Capoeiras, the acrobatic martial art dance of Brazil!

Latin Dance Instruction

Our world-class dance Adagio will demonstrate the Tango, Salsa, Meringue, and maybe even some South Beach Club techniques!  These hot hot hot performers will heat up the dance floor and invite your guests to participate!

Latin Paint Artist

The amazing and talented Heps will ignite your party with creativity, utilizing his hands, paint, and body.  The perfect act to wake up your guests or kick off a gala, Heps can paint anything, and you keep the painting!


Heps will take a wall or canvas and create an inner-city masterpiece using his hands, spray paint, and brushes.  Your company name or logo will be created old-school style.


Heps can paint anything.  Your CEO, celebrities, logo’s, anything, using a paint brush and an easel.

Miami-Style Celebrity Impersonators

Our Miami-Style Celebrity Impersonators will WOW your guests with their great looks and Miami theme performances.  Add dancers to really add a festive South Beach feel!

Gloria Estefan